Kinesio Taping

As a common procedure for high-level sports and other areas, the dismissal of the Kinesio Taping´s benefits for use in  Human Medicine is unthinkable, e.g. for restricted movement, pain, injury, muscle  spasms and more. The colorful tapes are a complementary therapy and their use has shown successful results in animals. The tape acts in the same way as at the human skin, besides the horse´s coat in between. If you consider that horses are sensitive enough to feel a fly as it settles on its fur, we must be aware how sensitive the skin receptors are. This procedure improves blood circulation, the lymphatic drainage, oxygen delivery, flexibility, promotes fluid drainage from the tissues, reduces the pressure on receptors and reduces the pain.

There are various techniques for applying the tape which can support the enhancing of performance, regeneration and healing. The tape´s application is customized to the patient. It is important that the motion is maintained in all tape.

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