Dental health can only be maintained through regular checkups and treatments. Veterinary dental checkups should be conducted on a regular basis, once a year with every horse starting at age 3, irrespective of breed and utilization. After the recording of a preliminary report and a clinical general examination of the horse, the examination of the head, oral cavity can be precisely assessed withthe help of an intraoral camera. The dental treatment willbe conducted under sedation and takes place with electrical grinding machines or hand rasps.

• Dental extractions on standing horse via the oral cavity

• Root canal treatment
• Minimal invasive trepenation for dental extraction

• Caries treatment with composite filling on standing horse or in general anesthesia

• Periodontal treatment

• Care of dental and jaw fractures

• Diseases of the jaw and maxillary sinuses

The basic goal is the preservation of the horse tooth. With the loss of a tooth the dentition has to be regularly controlled and corrected in order to avoid secondary dieseases. If a horse tooth can no longer be preserved, it will be removed and replaced trough a provisional arrangement. A provisional arragement (dental alveolus, replacement tooth) prevents the formation of malpositions and other complications in the equine dentition.

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