Eye problems are a very important and scary medical situation. Most, if not all, problems affecting the eye are considered an emergency. Minor eye problems can quickly get worse and turn into a serious risk to your horse’s sight.

We perform detailed studies of eye, for example with slit lamp, tonometer (TonoVet®), ophthalmoscope, fluorescein test. We also perform additional tests: ultrasound of the eye and accessory visual structures, X-ray nasolacrimal duct with contrast, microbiological and cytological examination, Schirmer test etc.

We offer medical treatment of eye diseases such as hard to heal corneal ulcers, glaucoma, uveitis, equine recurrent uveitis (Periodic ophthalmia, “moon blindness”, iridocyclitis) also with cyclosporine implant, which is designed to prevent recurrent episodes of uveitis etc..

We perform ophthalmic surgical procedures for instance eye injuries, entropion (commonly seen in foals), eye enucleation, tumors, eyelid abnormalities etc. We also deal with eye microsurgery. Further we also do vitrectomies.

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