MBST ® veterinary

Diseases such as arthrosis (joint wear) and metabolic bone diseases can be a severe health impediment to animals. Joint pain, restricted mobility and fragile bones are frequently attributable to certain tissue types being worn or damaged. Endogenic signals for stimulating the metabolism and regenerating cartilage and bone substance can thus be disrupted.

If you notice your animal limping, having difficulty getting up and sitting down, or it is less agile than previously, you should consult a veterinary surgeon. The very first pathological changes in bones, tendons or joints can result in permanent damage.


MBST®-veterinary is the therapeutic use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The technology of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy exploits the special properties of hydrogen atoms in animal tissue. Protons reside in the nucleus of hydrogen atoms. These tiny, positively charged particles rotate at a specific speed around their own axis in the earth’s magnetic field. This own rotation makes them exert an outward magnetic force. Precisely this magnetic property is used in MRI and in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy for potential stimulation and regeneration of diseased tissue.

MBST® ProVet mobile, for example, enables horses or other large animals to be treated for arthrosis with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy. Metabolic bone disorders, and sports and accident injuries to bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments can be treated similarly.

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