Qualisys Equine Motion Capture

A new possibility in equine orthopedics - Biomechanics on the highest level

Originally from Sweden, the company Qualisys has a lot of experience in Motion Capture Systems in human medicine and at top sport level. Equine Motion Capture is the latest developed project. We are proud to present this system to you in Lüsche, as the first private equine clinic worldwide.

Equine Motion Capture gives us the possibility to acquire an objective analysis of the motion of the horse; front legs, hind legs and neck/back and pelvic movements. The system does not only point out the lame leg, it also provides us the kind of lameness (push off or impact). For topline problems, it gives information about the range of motion in the neck, back and pelvis. 

How does it work?

The horse is equipped with markers on the head, withers and pelvis, which are detected by twenty cameras in the riding arena. On the straight line, as well as on the circle, the horse can be evaluated. Measurements under the saddle are also possible. Results are directly analyzed and seen on the screen in the arena

Why using an objective measurement?

There are many different reasons why a horse is presented to our clinic for a veterinary checkup. The owner might have experienced the horse is lame or not performing at its best, whether it’s a leg or a topline problem. Or the horse is about to be sold and the buyer wants a record that the horse is sound and physically working as it should.


In all the above cases the horse might be evaluated. As a part of the evaluation the clinician visually asses the movement pattern of the horse during trot. This is done in order to find or exclude the evidence of weight bearing lameness (not wanted to carry weight on a leg). Some asymmetries in the trunk and head movement of the horse during trot are directly related to this type of lameness.


After the complete assessment of the horse, flexion tests and diagnostic blocks can also be analyzed with our system. Diagnostic imaging and treatment will be the next steps.


Usually the horse returns for a reassessment. Asymmetries during rot are studied and compared to pre treatment results in order to discern if the treatment had the desired effect. In this way, every subjective measurement (by the veterinarian) is combined with an objective measurement by the system. This makes it much easier to compare trials of a horse over time. 

Preventive use of an objective measurement 

Preventive use of the system is another big opportunity. Little differences in the movement pattern of a horse, which are not seen by the human eye, can be measured. By regularly vet checks, small differences can be detected in an early stage and injuries can be prevented. 

Technical background

With the Motion Capture System, movement can be measured with both high precision and high accuracy. It also has the capability to measure the motion of several points that can be seen from different angles, simultaneously, something the human eye can never do.


The system if created to calculate and visualize horse asymmetries as an objective complement of the clinician’s visual assessment.

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