Radiographs and Ultrasound


They are the classic imaging diagnosis procedure:  X-ray and ultrasounds are one of the basis equipment available at our clinic. At the moment we have mobile digital X-ray and ultrasound machine, which allows to take pictures almost everywhere. Whether in the recovery box, the surgery room or in your stable, we adapt to satisfy your needs. The images can also be taken during ambulatory practice and directly (in situ) discussed with you. Especially when it comes to determining or excluding the presence of a fracture, it is important that the horse doesn´t have to be transported to the hospital only for that purposed.

If the radiographs or the ultrasound can´t give any specific findings, there is also possibility to use further diagnostics like MRI and scintigraphy.


Regarding to equine internal medicine, we can also offer heart ultrasound examinations –using a system with Doppler in order to see the blood flow in the heart.

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