Stemcell therapy & PRP

Since tendons and ligaments are not supplied with blood, the healing of lesions is always a time consuming story. On top of that is the fact that the created scar tissue never has the same strength and elasticity as the original tissue.
By means of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and stem cell therapy, today we have two new treatment possibilities at our disposal, which enable the reconstruction of tendons with minimal scar formation after an injury. In the field of equine medicine, stem cell therapy primarily serves the treatment of tendons and ligamental injuries. At the moment, work is being done also expand this form of therapy to bone cysts, articular injuries and fractures.
For instance, on account of their capability to adapt to varied utilizations, stem cells are also able to be tansformed into tendinous tissue. PRP is above all applied with suspensory ligament injuries. It is based on the release of highly potent growth factors from the blood platelets, with accordingly faster healing, less scar formation and a more stable tendon as the result.
In stem cell therapy the stem cells will be cultivated from bone marrow (e.g. from the pelvis or sternum). This will be injected into the tendinous defect afterwards – Stem cells from the bone marrow differentiate from the collagen-producing cells in the tendon, which entails scar-free healing.


In this completely new therapy concerning several joint disorders/damages Acrylamide is inserted into the joint capsule and acts as a joint regulator as a non-degradable buffer. Although it is not clearly understood how it works, the pain and the swelling disappear. Extensive studies are currently running with the pharmaceutical company. Arthramid is distributed and used in Germany - in only 12 “excellency centers”. The clinic in Lüsche is using beginningt was first introduced it since the beginning. 

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