Related to reproduction we can offer the following services:

  • Inseminations with fresh and frozen semen
  • Diagnosis and treatment of subfertility in the stallion and at the mare
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Endoscopic insemination
  • Birth control (see also foals Medicine)
  • Stud Services
  • Production, storage and shipping of frozen semen
  • Breeding soundness examinations of stallion and mare

  Dr. Ute Pansegrau is our specialist in this field and is available for any advice and practical help.

Embryonic transfer

Embryonic transfer in the mare has been gaining more importance in Germany in
recent years. The genetic potential of female breeding animals can be better exploited because of this:


  • Sport mares can be further utilized for sports.
  • Two-year-old mares can already be emloyed for breeding.
  • Each mare can yield several foals per year.
  • Late-breeding mares can be still be utilized at the end of the season for embryonic transfer in order to enter the normal covering period in due time in the following year.
  • Mares which have problems with foaling or repeated miscarriages can be utilized for embryonic transfer.

For this purpose the mares will be irrigated for fresh transplantation on the 7th – 8th day and for the cryopreservation on the 6th to 6,5th day. The transplantation occurs bloodless in cycle-synchronized mares. Thanks to the continual further development of equine embryonic transfer it is possible to store the embryos in a cooled state and to ship them in special transport containers (“Equitainers”) to facilities which have recipient herds and offer these leasing method.


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