Select Breeders Service

SBS Northgermany was established in the spring of 2001. The company has aimed at offering and standardizing the freezing of stallion semen and related services in Germany in collaboration with a worldwide network on the hightest level. The SBS network represents and ideal system for the national and international exchange of equine genetic material. For more than 20 years SBS has set the quality standard for frozen semen. The utilization of computer-controlled freezing machines makes it possible for our technicians to develop an individual freezing scheme for every single stallion. The most modern examination techniques such as computer aided sperm motility analysis guarantee optimal insemination successes with consistent quality control.

Service offers
• Preparation, storage and shipment of frozen semen
• Inseminations with fresh, cooled and frozen semen
• Breeding suitability examinations
• Diagnosis and treatment of subfertility in stallions and mares
• Phantom training
• Endoscopic insemination
• Embryo transfer

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